Why Choose Us?

Fee-Only Financial Planning and Investment Management

October 2023 update: We are currently accepting new clients.

Take Advantage of a Free Initial Consultation
We offer a free, no-pressure, initial consultation.  It can take place in-person or over the phone.  You will likely gain valuable information and benefit from this consultation, even if you don’t hire us.  Contact us by phone (937-599-0012) or email (andy@accountablefp.com) to get started.   

Partner With Advisors You Can Trust

Andy Kerns, CFP®

We are entirely independent and work only for our clients.  We are not affiliated with any insurance companies, banks, or brokers.

Fee-Only  –  No Product Sales or Commissions
We offer our services on a fee-only basis.  The only compensation we receive comes directly from our clients.  We do not sell financial products or receive commissions or finders’ fees of any kind.  Our fees are fully disclosed and agreed upon in advance of services.

Honest And Objective
Our structure allows us to provide honest, truly objective, unbiased recommendations and place the interests of our clients first at all times. We seek to maintain the highest fiduciary standard and take this responsibility to our clients very seriously.

Experienced And Credentialed
We are credentialed professionals who are educated and experienced (read more About Us).

Experience Peace Of Mind

Feel Confident In Our Expertise
We have expertise in multiple areas and offer a comprehensive set of financial planning services, including:

    • Investment Advice & Management
    • Cash Flow & Debt Management
    • Retirement Planning
    • Insurance Planning
    • Income Tax Planning & Preparation
    • Employer Benefits
    • Basic Estate Planning

Receive The Service & Support You Deserve
We provide responsive service and support and are available to help whenever you need us.

Focus On What Mattes Most To You
We stay current on financial planning issues and income tax strategies.  We’ll keep you informed of changes that could impact you, so you can spend less time dealing with financial issues and more time focusing on what matters most to you.  

Achieve Your Goals

Get On The Right Path
We will develop an effective and customized financial plan that will help put you on the right path towards achieving your goals.

Simplify And Optimize Your Financial Life
We will help simplify your financial life and will develop investment and financial strategies optimized for your current and future goals, your risk tolerance, and your available resources.

Eliminate Unnecessary Costs
We will help you eliminate unnecessary costs associated with your investments, insurance coverage, income taxes, and more, allowing you to keep more of your own money.   

Receive Customized Guidance

Throughout Your Life’s Journey
We work with clients from many stages of life, including:

    • Retired
    • Nearing Retirement
    • Established Career
    • Starting a Family
    • Recently Widowed
    • Recently Married
    • Recently Divorced

As You Work to Maximize Your Available Resources
If you’ve already accumulated millions, are working to build your wealth, or are in the process of utilizing assets in retirement, our guidance is customized for your unique situation.

We Can Help
Our services and fees are customized to fit your unique situation.  Our services are available on an annual retainer basis and in some situations, a limited-in-scope set of services may be offered on an hourly basis.